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About the album

“Coming Home” is a soothing and meditative album by multi-instrumentalist producer Cameron Gaut, a.k.a. Eternal Heart. It features the mesmerizing sound of bansuri flute, gentle piano, Native American flute, deep layers of drones, natural soundscapes, and ethereal, angelic vocals.

From the first note, the album takes you on a serene journey that evokes feelings of calmness, peacefulness, and inner reflection. The bansuri flute lends a meditative quality to the music, while the piano provides a soft and delicate backdrop that complements the other instruments perfectly.

The Native American flute on “Rites of Passage” brings a haunting quality to the album, with its raw, earthy sound. The ethereal, angelic vocals on “Jewel in the Lotus” add a transcendent quality to the music that uplifts and soothes the soul.

“Coming Home” is an album that is perfect for yoga, massage, relaxation, meditation, or simply enjoying the beauty of bansuri flute music.

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